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Beyond Boston Avenue: Delivery

Welcome back, fellow eaters.  And for those of you who are new, I’m glad you’ve joined me in my quest to eradicate mediocre food from the Tufts diet.  If you haven’t seen my last article on Teele Square, you might want to check that out first.  But if you have read it, then you’ve already wandered over to Guru the Caterer for some divine curries, and you’ve pushed the limit for how quickly one can eat an egg sandwich from Teele Square Café.  But now it’s cold outside, and your bed is warm, and you’ve decided to catch up on the first two seasons of “Californication.”  That quick ten-minute walk from last week suddenly seems impossible.  How can you get some good grub in that rumbling belly?

Easy, just call Pizza Days, right? Wrong!  Maybe if it’s 3 in the morning (and you don’t mind that semolina all over your floor) you can make an exception, but otherwise the Medford-Somerville area abounds with tempting options that deliver to the Tufts area that will treat your tummy right.  Here are a few recommendations:



I know, I talked about Angelina’s in the last post, but it’s doing double duty, so it gets a double mention.  I tend to favor regular cheese pizza, but if you adore toppings, the restaurant will accommodate.  Large cheese is $9.50; 1-topping is $10.75 (for most toppings).

230 Holland St, Somerville

Open every day, 10am-11pm.



Lemon Thai

Way better than Joey’s or anything else around, this place does a huge amount of takeout and delivery (if you ever go eat there, like I did once, you’ll see why; ambience is a little overlooked).  It is admittedly a bit pricier than your typical delivery restaurant; however, the quality makes up for its higher prices, and portions are decent.  Especially good dishes include the scallion pancakes appetizer ($4.95), which comes with a fantastic green curry dipping sauce – an interesting alternative to the Chinese version.  Also try the country-style pad thai ($8.50), which is spicy and comes with delicious fried tofu and dried shrimps (sounds gross, adds superb flavor).

215 Highland Ave, Somerville

Mon.-Fri. 11:30am-10pm; Sat. 3pm-10pm; Sun. 3pm-9:30pm. 617-591-1772


Wang’s Fast Food

Don’t be misled by the name—although this place is certainly fast, it does not belong in the same category as a Kee Kar Lau in Teele Square.  It serves incredible homemade dumplings with nice, thin wrappers (try the pork and leek or the spinach, $5.50-$5.95) and other Northern Chinese specialties (leek pie is another safe bet, $3.95).  In fact, when ordering from here, you should avoid anything not in the specialties section on the menu or a daily special.  No crab rangoon, no General Gau’s, no lo mein.  Get adventurous.  **Note the late night delivery as well**

509 Broadway, Somerville

Mon., Wed.-Fri. 4pm-1am; Sat./Sun. 11:30am-1am. Closed Tue.  617-623-2982

Qingdao Garden

A worthy alternative to Wang’s, Qingdao Garden also specializes in Northern Chinese cuisine.  Its dumplings are also very good; the wrappers are thicker than Wang’s, but the fillings were even more flavorful ($5.75-$5.95).  Similar recommendations as above: stray from the normal menu, and try something you’ve never had before.  Why both of these places are closed on Tuesday, I will never know and always lament.

2382 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu 11:30am-10:30pm; Fri/Sat 11:30am-11pm.  Closed Tue. 617-492-7540/-7541



I’ve lived my whole life in barbecue-producing states, Texas and North Carolina, so I consider myself something of an expert on the matter. And after trying it, there can be no other verdict: Redbones is way up there in average land.  Hah!  You thought I was going to rave about it like many others have, but I have too much of a conscience for that. Still, Redbones is tasty, reasonably priced, and it offers free delivery.  So, unless you’re a purist with your palate in the clouds, it will satisfy your barbecue desires.  They have good lunch specials (sandwich, beans, & slaw for $5.99) and all sorts of comfort food to get you through those cold, cold nights coming up.  The full menu is available online, and it includes gluten-free options as well.

55 Chester St, Somerville

Daily 11:30am-10:30pm (-11pm Fri/Sat) 617-628-2200



What?  Who has breakfast as a category on a list of delivery restaurants?  Who even delivers breakfast, for that matter?  Well, Soundbites does.  Soundbites is well known for its brunches, and now you can enjoy them  while rocking those old-school PJs your mom bought you.  If you’re feeling rich – and I mean that in every sense of its punny self* –  try one of its stuffed French toasts (with strawberries and ricotta or pear and goat cheese, $7.99) or banana-nut pancakes ($6.99).  Also sample the deliciously crispy home fries (read: pan-fried mashed potatoes). If you prefer something simpler, the menu offers plain versions of the French toast ($4.99), waffles ($4.50), and pancakes ($4.50), as well as a plethora of egg dishes and breakfast sandwiches to try ($2.50-$8.99).  Full menus are available online.

704 Broadway, Somerville

Mon-Fri 9am-2pm (only for delivery) 617-623-9464

*If you didn’t get the pun, then I hate to break it to you, but you suffer from a rare, degenerative form of sense of humor cancer.  Or maybe I’m just a tad too much of a fan of silly jokes.

-Jared Olkin

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