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Beyond Boston Avenue

I have a mission. A personal, inspired mission.  I do not want any Tufts student who likes good food to ever order inferior quality products – such as anything from a restaurant located on Boston Ave between College & Winthrop – due to ignorance.

The following exchange is an example of what has inspired me:

Anonymous friend: [on phone] “Uh hi, Andrea’s?  I’d like to order a large pizza to 76 Curtis Street…..Ok, thanks.”

Me: “Dude, are you still on points?”

Anonymous friend: “No, why?”

Me: “Then why the hell are you ordering from Andrea’s when you can get such better pizza from Angelina’s, probably for cheaper too?”

Anonymous friend: “Um.”

Knowing that this mistake is being repeated all across campus and beyond (and even scarier, without my enlightening admonishments), I feel the urgency of this mission.  It tears my heart and stomach apart to know that actions like these are going on.  Break free of the MOPS!!!

First of all, if you aren’t aware of Yelp, check it out (  You’ll find relatively reliable reviews of restaurants (among other things) all around.  It’s a fantastic resource and easy to use.  But now let’s get to more important stuff: my own personal, highly subjective recommendations.

This post’s focus: Teele Square

Teele Square has really come into its own restaurant-wise.  Here are some solid options, in order of appearance when coming from Tufts:

Teele Sq. Café

This place opened in the spring (it used to be a good-yet-overpriced upscale bakery shoppe).  Their menu changes depending on what is fresh – the owners have a small urban farm – and includes breakfasts, sandwiches, salads, soups, baked goods, and Christina’s ice cream (waaay better than JP Licks).  Admittedly, much of what they serve is easily made at home (although there are some exceptions), but it is very convenient and the quality is consistently good.  Try the breakfast sandwich on ciabatta and be shocked at how good a 3-ingredient sandwich can be.  Or how about some delicious home-made breakfast sausage on the side?  Best of all, it’ll cost you about 30% less than at comparable competitors (Hello, Renee’s).  Nothing on the regular menu is over $7.25, and that’s not including the 10% discount they offer Tufts students!

Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, Sun 9am-3pm; 617-625-0082

Magnificent Muffin & Bagels (off to the left!)

The name says it all.  Really.  This place is run by some adorable old people from somewhere in the former USSR, which may explain why they only know how to do two things but can do them well.  They serve giant muffins (especially the tops!) in a wide variety of interesting flavors (such as Mocha Raspberry), which go for $1.75 each.  Bagels are $1; with flavored cream cheese, $1.85 (try cinnamon raisin w/honey walnut cream cheese); with egg & cheese, $2.  The only thing to note is that they close at 12pm every day, so plan accordingly.

Daily 6am-12pm; 617-628-9000

Angelina’s Pizza & Subs

My friends come here for the subs, but for me Angelina’s excels in one area: pizza.  It’s not blow-your-load good, but it’s consistently well-made and cheap (and much better than any other offerings nearby).  $1.50/slice or $9.50 for a 16” pie.  And yes, they do deliver.

Daily 10am-11pm; 617-776-1240

Holland St. Café

This is a little hole-in-the-wall café that serves breakfasts, sandwiches, and smoothies at cheap prices.  I (ashamedly) have yet to try it.  But my editor went there and she says it also has a lot of brazilian influence, such as acai smoothies and off-the-menu pão de queijo (brazilian cheese bread) that is fantastic.

Guru The Caterer

Not exactly Teele Sq (about three blocks toward route 16 to be precise), but a must-mention.  I don’t know about you, but I love Indian food.  But often after a meal out, I get struck by the weight of a million pounds of clarified butter and can’t move for two hours.  Not so at Guru.  The owner moved here from New York City, and after three months was so fed up with the lack of quality and diversity in the Indian food offerings that he decided to open his own place.  Originally a take-out place only, they have now expanded and have seating available (although the food still comes in reusable Tupperware).  The menu is small and changes daily, offering healthy, authentic, homestyle Punjabi dishes for cheap.  And guess what?  Different dishes actually taste different.  All of the dishes I have had are excellent, which makes it hard to give a single recommendation; it all depends on your mood.  The best thing to do is get a combo and talk to the counterperson to help you decide which dishes you want (you’ll have 4-6 options on any given day).

$6.95 for a veggie combo and $7.95 for chicken; each includes a main dish, side dish, rice, and roti (a different kind of Indian bread).

Mon-Fri 11am-7:30pm, Sat 12pm-7:30pm; 617-319-4392

-Jared Olkin


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