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Mark Your Calendars for These National Food Days


In the last few weeks of school; when the weather’s getting seriously cold and finals are piling up, we all probably secumb to a bit of stress eating. If you need an excuse for a special meal, here’s our guide to the food days you can celebrate just before finals season.

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Your Guide to Pres Lawn Picnics

With summer just around the corner, the President’s Lawn (or Pres Lawn, as it’s affectionately called) is now the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon. Rather than spend your meal time cooped up inside one of the dining halls, try a putting together a picnic to enjoy with a group of friends and soak up some sun.

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Elephant in the Room: Eating Alone

My roommate is out for the night. Most of my friends are busy. Hodgdon is closed. I need food. What does that mean? I have to eat at the cafeteria.


Of course, there are other options, but all of them require money. I’d rather not let a prepaid meal go to waste. But eating alone is a daunting task. Maybe I’ll run into people I know and eat with them. Maybe the cafeteria will be empty. Maybe this will be the day they introduce takeout containers. Unfortunately, none of the possibilities happen. Dewick is jam-packed. I have to find a table beforehand. Somehow, I only find a large round table to eat at. Great.

Perusing the night’s options, I can’t help but think of how to make “eating alone” less stressful. However, that doesn’t work, and I end up piling up my plates with mashed potatoes and stuffing. I fill a cup with cranberry juice and a slight tap of grape juice. I also find myself getting a plateful of craisin nut bars.


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Chic Korea: Meju in Davis Square

After much fanfare, Davis Square’s new darling Meju has finally opened. While its sibling Bibim in Allston prides itself on a homely interior setup, Meju’s interior is far more sleek and modern, with clean intricate chandeliers and a well-stocked, minimalist bar on the side. Despite the contemporary setup, Meju doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel in terms of its food. Its soft opening offered a limited menu emphasizing traditional Korean comfort street foods.


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How to Conserve Water in the Kitchen

With the on-going West coast drought and new water restrictions in California, it seems like there couldn’t be a better time for everyone to do their best to conserve water in the kitchen. There are lots of easy ways to save water that will actually reduce the time you have to spend cleaning up in the kitchen after dinner.

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Tasty Tufts Taste Test: Vanilla Greek Yogurt

For this Tasty Tufts Taste Test, or quadruple T for short, I decided to look into everyone’s go-to breakfast item: Greek yogurt. I’ve seen numerous students making epic parfaits at the dining hall, coating the yogurt in cinnamon, craisins, raisins, granola, honey and anything else you could possibly think of but I was curious to see what people felt about the yogurt on its own. I got my daily exercise in by walking to the nearest Stop and Shop and bought five different kinds of vanilla Greek yogurt: Yoplait 100, Stop and Shop store brand, Dannon Oikos, Chobani and Dannon Light & Fit. While I could have solely tasted them myself, I was more interested in the opinions of others, specifically targeting the Jumbo student body. Thus, I erased any determinant of the yogurt so that the tasters could not easily bias themselves toward which yogurt they liked and disliked based on labels and allowed the test to ensue. Read more

What April Showers Bring: Spring Produce in New England

New England is never particularly kind to the seasonal cook this time of year. Even well beyond the official demarcation of the season when New Yorkers are awash in ramps and the first abundance of asparagus floods the Californian markets, we too often face not-so-gentle reminders of winter in the  frosty mornings and sudden cold snaps that can make it hard to conjure up the same enthusiastic culinary response.

Yet however late spring really arrives, what it brings here is worth waiting for. Perhaps we owe some credit to the cold weather, since it makes the growing season shorter and more fertile and leaves us with some truly fantastic produce in the spring and summer months. Here’s what we think you should look for:

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